The Freud Museum


12 March 2018 - 18 March 2018

Museums & Wellbeing Week 2018

The Freud Museum will be marking this year’s National Museums and Wellbeing Week by exploring psychological wellbeing in the context of memory. Responding to the current art exhibition by Gideon Rubin and engaging with the psychoanalytic concept of repression, we invite reflection on the constantly changing nature of our emotional experience of past happenings, present occurrences and future repetitions.

Wednesday, 14th March
Tour of the Museum and the Exhibition with special guest – artist Gideon Rubin
Join us for this special tour of Freud’s final home and the current contemporary art exhibition and explore the psychoanalytic ways of thinking about memory, repression and wellbeing.

Saturday, 17th March
Remembering, Repeating and Working Through House Tour
Join us to explore Freud’s far-reaching views on health, wellbeing and the workings of the human memory, as you tour his final home and its magnificent collections full of inspiring stories and sites of remembering and forgetting.

Wednesday, 14th March – Sunday, 18th March
2pm - 5pm
On-Site Art Activities – Exhibition Room (first floor)
Psychoanalysis invites us to consider the complexity and dynamic character of human memory.
Join us at the Museum anytime during our opening hours this week and add your piece to the collective artwork in the Exhibition Room. We provide mixed-media materials and invite you to make symbolic representations of whatever you would like to permanently remove. While directly responding to Gideon Rubin’s practice, the activity is an invitation to consider the effort and intricacy involved in the process of repression. It aims to engage us with the emotional past, present and future of parts of ourselves, our lives and the world around us – for something about what bothers/disturbs us remains relatively unchanged and yet our emotional experience of it keeps changing.

All activities free with admission.

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