The Freud Museum


Ideas In Psychoanalysis

Edited by Ivan Ward, director of education
Freud Museum London

From the fictional 'Frazier' to self-help television, the exhibitionism of Big Brother or Bridget Jones's anxiety, psychoanalysis in one form or another is part of our everyday language and culture. But do we really know what these ideas mean? How do psychoanalysts understand the function of a Phobia? What is this thing, the Superego? What - really - is Perversion?
Icon's series of short, lively books - Ideas in Psychoanalysis - seeks to redress the balance. Edited by Ivan Ward, director of education at the Freud Museum, each title explains a psychoanalytic concept, its relevance to everyday life and its ability to illuminate the nature of human society and culture.

The Unconscious Phil Mollon - Phantasy Julia Segal - Perversion Claire Pajaczkowska - Anxiety Ricky Emanuel - Guilt Kalu Singh - Hysteria Julia Borossa - The Superego Priscilla Roth - Affect and Emotion Graham Music - Narcissism Jeremy Holmes - Phobia Ivan Ward - Sublimation Kalu Singh - Libido Roger Kennedy - Eros Nicola Abel-Hirsch - Oedipus Complex Robert Young - Exhibitionism Brett Kahr - Depression Jeremy Holmes - Sadomasochism Estela V. Welldon - Free Association Christopher Bollas
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Published by Icon Books £3.99 (+ £1 postage and packing to U.K. : £1.50 postage & packing to rest of world) 80 pages 176 x 110mm

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